I Salute all our Entrepreneurs

Because most of them run small and medium eterprises, they are not celebrated in the way that the leaders of our large companies and MNCs are. This often blinds us to the the importance of SMEs which account for 99% of all enterprises in Singapore and 70% of our jobs.

-extracted from the Foreword by Professor Tommy Koh, Singapore Ambassador-at-Large & Special Advisor, Institute of Policy Studies, in the prestigious publication of GRC Press Holdings, '2010 Successful Entrepreneur – A New Journey


Since Singapore was founded in 1819, Entrepreneurs have helped to transform it from a fishing village to a global city with all its modern amenities. Today they provide some 70% of the jobs, contribute half of our GDP, and share their gains with the community-at-large. The Entrepreneurial Spirit improves other areas of life through character moulding and strengthens the family unit, an entrepreneur’s other ‘company.’ So vital is the Entrepreneurial Spirit that President Tony Tan in his Swearing-in Ceremony Speech at the Istana on 1st September 2011 promised that,“During my term of office, I hope to encourage the Entrepreneurial Spirit in all Singaporeans. Few of us may actually start new businesses or ventures. But all of us can identify needs or gaps, tinker with new ideas, and create our own opportunities. We can all benefit from such creativity and energy resulting from Entrepreneurship.


A mindset more than anything else, it comprises six qualities quintessential for an Entrepreneur. He/She should be :

(1) A Dreamer with a Vision and Mission, a self-starter, disciplined with a strong work ethic and faith in himself for evolving something bigger, better, and different;

(2) An Innovator, creative with an open mind, resourceful with people skills and comfortable at the frontline;

(3) Passionate, on fire for creating more energy, synergy and resonance with his thinking, products and services among staff and clients;

(4) A Risk Taker chasing his dream by distributing the risk over a network of capabilities;

(5) A Dogged Committer succeeding eventually with endurance - and an inner drive;

(6)A Life-long Learner at the University of Hard Knocks, constantly evolving the best practices for his company; Undeterred by challenges, inspired by Henry Ford’s insights,including that 'Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal!'