I Salute all our Entrepreneurs

Because most of them run small and medium eterprises, they are not celebrated in the way that the leaders of our large companies and MNCs are. This often blinds us to the the importance of SMEs which account for 99% of all enterprises in Singapore and 70% of our jobs.

-extracted from the Foreword by Professor Tommy Koh, Singapore Ambassador-at-Large & Special Advisor, Institute of Policy Studies, in the prestigious publication of GRC Press Holdings, '2010 Successful Entrepreneur – A New Journey


The local construction industry is all set to grow over the next two years. However, the global economic uncertainty ahead could cause "havoc" on financial markets and business confidence. Several changes to government policies could affect the growth, including a 40 per cent reduction in foreign workers by 2013. Contractors also face problems hiring locals as Singaporeans generally shy away from this industry, which is perceived to be dangerous, dirty and demanding. The success stories that we feature of entrepreneurs in this sector would motivate more Singaporeans, especially, the younger ones, to seek their fortune in this area.


As in Successful Entrepreneur, to ensure the highest credibility for the initiative, a Panel of leading figures from the different sectors was formed to inform and advise the Editorial Team on the nominees for this prestigous Award. In addition, to help the Panel in its work, two Selection Guidelines were identified after much review.: The Two Selection Guidelines are:

·   Annual turnover of an entrepreneurial enterprise should be between S$5m - S$15 million; and

·   A pro-family working environment for employees. Other updated Selection Guidelines:

·   A Vision of Business Excellence;

·   An entrepreneurial enterprise should not employ over 250 employees;