I Salute all our Entrepreneurs

Because most of them run small and medium eterprises, they are not celebrated in the way that the leaders of our large companies and MNCs are. This often blinds us to the the importance of SMEs which account for 99% of all enterprises in Singapore and 70% of our jobs.

-extracted from the Foreword by Professor Tommy Koh, Singapore Ambassador-at-Large & Special Advisor, Institute of Policy Studies, in the prestigious publication of GRC Press Holdings, '2010 Successful Entrepreneur – A New Journey

GRC Press Holdings

A reputable publisher and media consultancy singe 1983, GRC Press Holdings is the Publishing arm of Global Resource Corporation Holdings. In the 2010 milestone year, GRC Press Holdings came under the Global Resource Corporation Holdings – already an iconic presence in the global network, with its core business in media publishing, and SMEs' venture capitalism.

Located in the middle of South East Asia's financial capital, Singapore, GRC Press Holdings uphold its core competency with state-of-the-art facilities by owning and managing a media centre; public relations agency; design studio; photography studio; editorial studio; and a print centre. Through different avenues, the Press Holdings deliver reputable media content and services for leveraging when reaching out to readers across the nation.

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