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Getty Goh, author of bestseller books Buy Bye Property and Buy Right Property once wrote in the former book, “Getting started in property investing does not necessarily mean to jump in and buy a property. For those who are not in a position to start investing, there are other things that you can do towards owning your first investment property… familiarise yourself with the property market, so that you would be able to identify a good opportunity and seize it when it comes along”.

And that, Getty, founder of Ascendant Assets, realised after he purchased his first property in 2002 at the age of 24, with a monthly salary of a regular in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). “I initially thought that property was an easy investment, it was only after a near miss did I realise how wrong I was”, he admitted. SARS happened a year later, and with it the catastrophe of the downturned market which proved his belief wrong. Fortunately his investment tided over till conditions improved but that earned him insight on one thing – “property investing is about knowledge and skills more than anything else”, he added. Eveready to constantly upgrade himself, he has since obtained a Masters Degree in Real Estate from the National University of Singapore.

Comprehensively working around the property market soon became his passion. After leaving the SAF in 2008, Getty inaugurated Ascendant Assets Pte Ltd, a real estate research and investment firm. “We are neither an agency nor are we brokers”, he said explicitly, “instead, we provide research and tools to allow our clients to make informed decisions when investing in a property. In short, we make money when they make money”. Through his company’s customised research, many of his clients have benefitted from his consultancy services and courses conducted. This is boldly reflected in the testimonial:

“Getty is sincere and passionate about imparting his knowledge about the Singapore property market to his seminar participants. The course price might come across as no small sum in an absolute context, but if you were to consider the price relative to the price of the next property that you’re going to pay for, it would put things into perspective. Having said that, you should be prepared to do some independent research on the provided data after the course to fully benefit. The other attractive feature of the course is the after-sales support. As the seminar name (”Buy Bye”) suggests, it wouldn’t be “Bye” after the course, but only after you have actually “Buy” a property.”

“Anyone can acquire a set of skills to make an informed decision when investing in property”. To prove that his research works, Getty successfully purchased a freehold landed property in the middle of the 2010 property upswing for $650,000 and sold it one year later at $1.45million. Since then, he has also ventured into overseas property development to look for new markets as well as to further enhance his competency.

Imparting knowledge

Not just a writer, Getty is a certified real estate trainer with the Council of Estate Agents and is known for his prominent talks in seminars and forums. He has numerous features in various media outlets, which include Property Report Magazine – for Buy Bye Property Seminar, Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus and Buy Right Property: The Right Approach to Property Investing in Singapore; FM 938LIVE “In the Living Room with Stanley Leong” (September 2008); SPH Razor TV (5 February 2009); UniSim Website – Entrepreneur Profile and Property Guru Times.

Sitting on the panel of experts during the SMART Investment & International Expo 2010 amongst the big names in the property industry such as Mhd Ismail and Steve Melhuish, Getty was also among the youngest accomplished property ‘guru’ when he conducted a talk at the following year’s convention. Apart from sharing his views at property industry events, some of the other education outreach talks that Getty has conducted are as follows:

Macquarie MBA Alumni (November 2008)

Civil Service Club (February 2009)

Civil Service Club (June 2009)

NTU Alumni Club (August 2009)

UniSim Alumni Gathering (August 2010)

Civil Service Club (May 2011)

Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) (September 2011)

Giving back to society

Getty’s values reach beyond the ethic of just business. His involvement in charitable organisations such as PURE Charity and the Rotary Club is an unfolding of his humble character. In 2008, Getty participated in a “run for hope” organised by PURE, a 250KM track in the Gobi desert aimed at raising funds for charity. Following that in 2010, with the Rotary Club, he helped raise money to build houses for a poverty-stricken village in Cambodia. Continuing his ideals not solely in the realm of financial success, he hopes to do more for society with his growing business.

“Success is not measured by the size of your bank account but by the number of lives you can improve”.