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Bioskin Holdings Pte Ltd

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“If we were to conduct a market survey today on the streets of Singapore, asking random passersby if they have heard of Bioskin ('The Solution to Troubled Skin,') the chances are that the majority would reply YES,” said its CEO, Ms Mathilda Koh, confidently. “We seek to educate and be the solution to troubled skin because I know personally how skin problems affect our egos and lives,” she added. Already a household name, the company is a market leader with about 200 staff and seven branches island-wide. Over the last 16 years, Bioskin has been helping well over 16,000 clients actively into their packages defeat skin problems with its superior technology-driven products and specially formulated comprehensive in-house treatments, and spa and slimming services for the face, body and scalp.

Founded in 1996, customers satisfied with Bioskin’s remarkable skin solution have regularly endorsed its quality services and trademark professionalism. Ever committed to seeking solutions to various skin, body and hair problems, the company's reputation in the beauty wellness industry is known far and wide, built over the years from satisfying and exceeding clients' expectations. They in turn have accreditated and nominated Bioskin for the Superbrand Award consecutively for four years, making it unique in the beauty wellness industry. Not to forget other Awards like the Asia pacific Brands Award 2012, Singapore Brand 2011 and Successful Entrepreneurs from 2010 to 2012.

Further extending the growth of their brand, Bioskin's recent subsidiary brand, AbsTrim Men, offers tummy slimming services for men. This subsidiary brand provides intensive tummy slimming services, keeping in mind male considerations like time taken, efficacy, pain level, etc for wanting to achieve fast and effective results. “We are in a business enriching and beautifying lives. Clients' satisfaction makes everything else pale in comparison,” affirms Mathilda, immensely job-satisfied from helping skin sufferers - with whom she was once in the same plight - during the 16 years in the wellness industry.

Success Strategies

Attributing her brand’s prominence to effective marketing strategies and positive word-of-mouth advertising, she said, “The 4Ps of Perseverance, Patience & Proper Planning with its combination of factors like making bold decisions backed by experience, feedback review, meticulous strategising and problem-solving made me whom I am today. While helping me to overcome numerous failures and setbacks and bringing to fruition useful business ideas and concepts for growing the business.

Origins of the company

In 1996, Bioskin originated after Mathilda, a former airline stewardess, recovered almost miraculously from her skin problems caused by air pressure and dry air in the cabins. Eager to pass on her secrets of success to other skin sufferers, initially as a one-woman crusade, but later with family members, colleagues and friends backing her after testing the product for themselves, at 22 years she founded Bioskin.

Throwing over her glam job, despite her youth, she gradually won the confidence of her customers for her products by familiarising herself with the relevant literature, attending certified training courses and undertaking her own market-testing. The rest is history for the expanding company which has already carved a steadily growing market for itself - and is poised to go beyond Singapore.


“Short-term we plan to open two to three outlets in other regions within the next two years to cater to a wider group of customers while accommodating our growing customer base,” she said. “And within the next five years, to extend our reach into the Asian market through regional franchising and public-listing of Bioskin.” Now actively positioning Bioskin to reach this goal, the former high-flying stewardess added proudly, “We are already some way there.”

"The darkest hour is just before the dawn. So keep trying - and daring to dream BIG. For the opportune moment for realizing your plans might be just around the corner."