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Cititrans Bus Transit Pte Ltd

  • Mr. Derrick Chen Yi Rui  ·

He lived on almost a meal a day for nearly three years, had no income and hit “rock bottom”. But as the saying goes, “when you are down, the only way is to go up”, and so did Mr Derrick Chen, founder of Cititrans Bus Transit Pte Ltd.

The bus transportation business was set up in 2004. Ferrying passengers among different pick-up points and providing shuttle services to schools and factories. It was tough indeed for the one-man operation in the first three years. “I barely slept, couldn’t afford to eat well and even had to depend on my spouse. Anyone would start doubting themselves. After going through those dark moments I realised, in order to set your business right, you have to set your mind right first,” Derrick shared.

Changing his mind-set was the first step in tackling the initial difficulties. It was a strenuous journey of perseverance and will until year 2008 when Derrick tasted the first fruits of his labour. As business picked up and more clients appreciated his good working ethics, he began expanding the business through referrals, recommendations and business tenders.

Today, the initial one-man team coming up from nothing, has more than 30 staff, a 4000sq feet office, 30 buses, a wide pool of business networks and sub-contractors. This, leading up to bigger plans, he foresees the predicted economy downturn as an opportunity to, meet greater expectations ,improve standards and ensure that all clients’ complete satisfaction are fulfilled. “Expanding the business further is the next natural step, but I plan to do it progressively over the course of five years – increasing fleet size that are eco-friendly, recruiting and training competent drivers and staff”, said the practical positive thinker.

Moving on, Derrick concludes, “life is short, you don’t want to live with regrets failing to try to achieve what you wanted because you were too afraid to lose. Don’t try and the battle is already lost!” The grateful man always remembers the support he received from many, particularly his parents and wife. Without them, he believes that he could not possibly come as far as he did.

“If there is something in life that you want, try to achieve it in proper means otherwise you would regret not trying when you are lying on your death bed. It is alright even if you fail, but at least you have tried. How many times have we looked back in our life and regretted failing to TRY to achieve what we wanted?”