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Diamond Glass Enterprise Pte Ltd

  • Mr Kesavan s/o Sathyamoorthy (MD)  ·

Current Situation

“From the iconic Esplanade on postcards to the very first sight air-travellers entering Singapore fix their eyes upon - the Singapore Changi Control Tower and Airport Terminals 1 & 2 - all three are our clients!” said the affable Mr Kesavan, 32. Of his 19 years into entrepreneurship, the last seven were into the present Diamond Glass, as its MD. Eager to be greeted as Casey or K7 (as shown in his business card), “A warm and friendly name for opening doors, it clinches business deals speedily,”said the former entrepreneurial whizz kid, with his own tuition agency at 13.

The company now manages an impressive list of clients like the Ritz Carlton; Land Transport Authority (LTA); Nanyang Technological University (NTU); and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). With its services Diamond Glass has also gone on to handle projects like the Tuas Checkpoint; Mica Building; Parliament House; Keppel Marina; Marina Bay Sands; Reflections Condominium; and over 25 buildings.“Our first biggest project was the Esplanade's re-sealant works for the two domes which we completed in six months,” said Casey, proudly. Now with a yearly $5m to $7m turnover, Diamond Glass is also the recipient of Awards like Successful Entrepreneur 2012; SZMBA SME 500 2011/2012; and the DBS SICCI 2009.

Accredited with the OHSAS 18001 (BizSafe STAR level) and for quality systems ISO 9001, Diamond Glass provides ‘Quality Service At Quality Prices.' “My value statement is my dedication to my customers that I handle projects in the most professional way and deliver on time and as budgeted - with good after-sales service, support and warranty,” he assured. Diamond Glass is divided into Glass Division & Rope Access Division. While the former include services like supply and installation of glass panes and glazing renovation and/painting works, the company’s front-line staff in the Rope Access Division, nicknamed Spider-Men, undertake hazardous work outside buildings latched onto ropes.

“While we uphold Speed, Safety and Quality with zero accidents and zero deaths – and the most number of Spider-Men onboard in any company locally!” said Mr Casey, now the Director cum Treasurer of the Singapore Rope Access Association. “As part of our corporate social responsibility, we also donate regularly to children’s causes locally and abroad.”

Learning from both Early Successes & Failures

Following monthly earnings of S$3,000 from opening his own tuition agency, the teenager with fire in his belly and entrepreneurship in his blood, soon set up music and art schools, an events company and corporate training institutions, besides investing and trading. “But too much pride in my early successes and extravagances soon tumbled me into a dismal failure. But it was a blessing in disguise. It taught me humility and matured wisdom when growing Diamond Glass to its present success.”

History of the Company

Diamond Glass came about ironically through Casey's momentous entrepreneurial crash in 2000, while in his twenties. For clearing a hefty S$300,000 debt, he became a business consultant. While cold-calling and knocking on shopfronts, mainly along Orchard Road, clients were told to "Pay only if your store improves its business and sales within a month.” Benefiting, many paid up, enabling Casey to move away from the red within two years.

Then, venturing into the construction industry, he founded Diamond Glass - with his electrical engineering background and hard-earned lessons from failures. While bonding with staff to become hands-on, he became their role model. “Enabling us to complete major projects like Marina Bay Sands, Ion Orchard, Art & Science Museum.”


“The only way forward will be to venture overseas, starting with our neighboring regions. And expanding gradually into the Asia Pacific,” said Casey, adding,“Look at what we have already achieved over the last seven years. So imagine what we, a market leader in our trade, should be capable of achieving in the next seven!”

“Hard work, perseverance and learning the lessons of failure are the keys to success. So if you have a burning desire to achieve something, with these qualities FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS with all your mental & physical energy towards it. And success will surely come.”