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Intexco (Pte) Ltd

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Current status

“Any product you name, we will source for it – even if we don't have it - after explaining to clients what we could do for them, and couldn't,” said Mr Jimmy Tan, 60-year old Director of the 29-year old, 100% referral-based company supplying corporate gifts and T-shirts. Over the years, with his wife, Ms Ann Lim, he grew their business based on trust, hard work, honesty and sincerity in providing good services. Now established in Kaki Bukit Avenue 3, some 90% of its clients are from the Government Statutory boards, Singapore Police Force, Army, Universities, Polytechnics and Junior Colleges. The other 10% includes well established commercial clients.

“We have a soft spot for the Singapore Police Force,” said Jimmy, supplying them with gifts over the last several years. They have been coming back to Intexco since early nineties when it managed to supply the Ang Mo Kio Police Station with umbrellas at short notice for a small event. “One of Intexco's most popular gift item is the personal shrill alarm given out during the Crime Prevention campaigns. We also supply gifts during block parties at HDB estates for CC & RC functions as part of their annual multi-events,” he said.


“When customers are happy, I am also happy,” said Jimmy. In the past, one of their rival companies which won a tender was unable to follow up subsequently for supplying the required 200,000 caps on time for a crucial national event. “As a patriotic Singaporean, I quickly phoned my Hong Kong suppliers, got the work done, and on time for our nation! Our focus has always been on the clients, whether or not ours, when asked to help.”

He added. “We always try our very best not to disappoint any client, even at the eleventh hour, for any function, big or small. And so far, have succeeded!” This has not always been easy for Intexco in the past when typhoons in Hong Kong gave them sleepless nights for many years. “We were worried that the goods might not reach our clients on time. Fortunately, modern technology helped ships subsequently to overcome these hazards, giving us peace of mind. And a good night's sleep,” he said.


Writing 'Thank you Aunty Ann,' many young school customers have forwarded Cards of Appreciation to Intexco, over the years. 'For your huge help in making our company event a success,' runs a card from the HDB branch some years ago. Students of NTU organising a social event in their card even applauded, 'It’s people like you, Ann, who make all the difference in the world!'

“We are very happy and grateful to our valuable clients that they appreciate our effort,” said Ann, responding. “For making their events a success, we are even prepared to go more than a mile. And with their hearty response, motivated to keep on improving ourselves further by stocking more new and relevant products for catering to all types of events.”


A business management diploma holder, Leonel is now learning more of the ropes for taking over Intexco, eventually. “I am proud of my parents' achievements in bringing Intexco to its present status!” said the young entrepreneur, eagerly following in their footsteps. “We are into succession planning for growing the company with new blood, expanding it gradually with more products and outlets,” said his father. “And getting our own premises, eventually.”

“We built our business based on trust, hard work, honesty and sincerity in providing good services. While stipulating to our clients in no uncertain terms what we could do for them, and couldn't.”