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Kentronics Engineering Services & Supplies

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Current Situation

Established in Singapore 19 years ago, Kentronics Engineering Services & Supplies, an ISO 9002-certified company in 2011, is providing PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Design/Layout, PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly. The workforce of eight staff including Mr Kenny Lee, the founder, and foreign staff help out at the company’s wholly-owned 2,000 sq ft factory in Wcega Plaza at Bukit Batok Crescent. Reminisced Kenny,“We started as a One-Man-Operation (myself) with a small office space of 300 sq ft in Jurong providing PCB Design/Layout only to electronics R&D & PCB industries. We netted average annual revenues of $50K for several years,”said the Electronics & Telecommunications Diploma holder who, after working alone for the next decade, recruited staff in 2003. Gradually the work volume compelled him to hire six more staff.

“We have grown steadily and expanded to provide fast-turn PCB prototype & High-Low Mix volume manufacturing starting in 2000 through partnership with Taiwan, Korea & China. In 2005, we further enhanced our services by assembling PCBs, using a manual soldering process. And in 2009, acquired our own factory to house PCB Design/layout, PCB Inspections & PCB assembly services under one roof. In 2010, we further invested in an SMT (Surface-Mount-Technology) machine to support pilot-run and mass productions volumes,” said Kenny, who went entrepreneurial & set-up “KENTRONICS” on 8th December 1993.

Previously, in the earlier days after NS, Kenny began his working life as a machine operator with a PCB Manufacturing factory for eight years. After he was promoted to supervisor, he was sent to USA and Germany for training in the PCB manufacturing process. Subsequently, he was furthered trained in Taiwan where he worked as a Sales Engineer marketing PCB and components for 1.5 years. Due to his interest & passion, he worked another 18 months with Singapore Technologies Electronics as a PCB Designer/layout engineer. This was followed by another 18 months working as a project engineer in a Contract manufacturing environment, where he gathered more know-how on the process of PCBA Establishment and Set-Up.

“Growing the company caused me endless headaches and sleepless nights. But through careful spending, we overcame financial problems in purchasing software and equipment. Limited manpower also affected our growth as only one staff could be allocated for each job. By choosing our projects carefully, recruiting more manpower gradually, and with my wife helping out in finance and admin, we managed to get along,” said the entrepreneur, now tasting success in his line of work.

Reasons for Success

“Apart from my loyal staff and clients, my experience and commitment to this line of work, I will always be grateful to my role models, my entrepreneurial China-born parents.” Watching them sweat out in the woodwork company of my dad, Mr Lee Kum Chai, for bringing up all five children opened Kenny’s eyes to the importance of internalizing core values like endurance and hardwork. “So never stop learning, and accept changes optimistically, as part of life’s growth,” advised Kenny, hoping to pass on all these values to his two children, a daughter, 22, in NTU, and a son, 17, studying electronics in ITE.


“Since the service sector will always be dependent on customers to push up orders, we need to design our own products. A form of investment, it will drive our marketing efforts locally and abroad,” said Kenny, now also preparing to step up training for current staff in both job skills and leadership.“With this two-fold strategy, we will tackle the present instability of the electronics sector amidst the global crisis. These pose some of our biggest challenges.” he said.

““Be passionate in everything you do. A life-long asset, the process or learning journey - with its valuable lessons – outweighs any temporary success or failure you may experience.”