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LS 2 Services Pte Ltd

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They are among 60 of 2000 cleaning companies in Singapore accredited by NEA, backed by ISO 9001:2008 and widely trusted by government bodies for their services.

Since 2000, the cleaning firm, LS 2 Services Pte Ltd has been providing high standards of cleaning services in ‘clean and green’ city, Singapore. Upholding the image, LS 2 Services speaks volumes of playing a part in the country’s pride, deemed among the world’s cleanest countries.

The company initially inaugurated in 1993, was bought over seven years later in 2000 by Mr Roger Tan. With its million-dollar turnover in the first year, LS 2 Services Pte Ltd was off to a good start. Each year, the company focused on clinching governmental projects on conservancy cleaning for Town Council.

Last year, LS 2 Services attested to a whopping 11.3 million turnover; 99% of their business with government projects. Also recognising their efforts was local newspaper, The Straits Times which reported new measures taken by government agencies to hire only accredited cleaning company, of which, LS 2 Services was featured among the lot, “… only 60 are accredited – mostly big ones [firms]”.


Working along-side with Roger, is Mr Dennis Tan – brother-in-law and General Manager, who joined the firm in 2007.

Having an edge with former experience in advertising and marketing, Dennis has since helped the company grow in creating brand awareness.

Merging creativity with experience, the in-laws soon broke new ground strategizing to set the company apart in a smaller market and meeting higher standards.

Today, they are an emerging name with good relations and a trusted reputation. “Our mission is to meet and exceed customers’ expectations” says Dennis. Undoubtedly, “change is constant, and so is progress” he added on. “you have to keep looking ahead and moving with times to keep yourself in the game”.

Business Progression

Speaking from experience, an entrepreneur must have the ability to keep calm in difficult situations on top of being reliable and trustworthy.

Having come out better and improved from many ups and downs, they are realistic about obstacles, not expecting the business to run without hick-ups here on. But understanding the quality of perseverance that has helped Roger grow the company from one tenth of its current size to a significant operation, they are ready to face whatever difficulty thrown at them, unfazed. The partners are also looking towards accrediting themselves further to take the business to new heights and take a stronghold in the industry.

From a small one room office enterprise to a renowned business with over 800 workers, the way ahead for these two inspiring leaders is to continue doing the best for the company, themselves and their large-flock staff which they intend to grow with increasing revenue.

“To struggle is the natural process of business. Be accountable for your business and treat your employees well - they are the ones that will help you grow your business