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LSL Engineering Pte Ltd

  • Mr Andrew Low C.S.  ·


“In life, nothing is impossible - with the right attitudes like flexibility in making changes for keeping abreast of new developments. And, of course, humility, humanity and gratitude to those who help you up the ladder.” With this mindset, Mr Andrew Low, 55, Director, successfully steered his 23-year old, 70-staffed LSL Engineering through the over decade-long US subprime mortgage crisis which caused the market to tumble in all sectors including construction. And also trigged off the four-year, on-going global and, especially, the latest euro-zone financial crisis. “Our construction industry was practically under water during much of the period, but now we are surfacing, challenging global setbacks for picking ourselves up,” said Andrew, feeling the heat to upgrade through more machinery for reducing foreign workers whose levy has gone up even more.

Prestigious projects undertaken by LSL Engineering certified in ISO 00001:2008 in Quality Management and OSHAS, its latest safety qualification, include the recent PSA building extension; Bio-Polis Chugai Pharmalab in Buona Vista; and Rolls Royce. “Among others, we are working on three on-going projects, worth over million, Changi Business Park, Tukang Innovation Centre and Singapore Pool,” he said. “Being hardworking, reliable, responsible and efficient for delivering what we promise, supported by our competent employees, have paid off for us. Our effective communication and networking with face-to-face meetings resolve issues faster and helps us brainstorm for creativity.”


“These are our credentials,” said Andrew. Not forgetting his gratitude to those who helped him during his entrepreneurial journey. Especially (1) his faithful and regular clients (2) loyal workers (3) and fellow Director and business partner, Mr Sit Khiong Ng. Others include Mr Nelson Chua (Project Manager) & Mr Koh Hong Hui, Site Manager (Operations). And (4) his beloved wife, Ms Lilian Lim, in charge of admin from Day 1 of LSL Engineering. A happy and productive relationship with them all accelerated his business in a fun and extended family environment, spreading joy and laughter all around.

Elaborating, Andrew said, “I treasure old clients, not forgetting to provide them with our best services and more.” A former worker himself before going entrepreneurial, he pays their salaries promptly, even when the market is down. “I understand their lifestyles and loan them occasional sums to tide over.” Andrew has special words of love and gratitude for Lilian, his wife, helping him over the years in admin, despite being a homemaker and mother-of-three. “This left me free to focus on growing the business,” he said. Responded Lilian, “With Andrew’s good relationship with clients and his transparent honesty and sincerity, never once did we have to advertise or do sales. Staff under him are most fortunate for, among other things, he always finds excuses to buy them lunch out of his own pocket.”

“I am glad that I married the right man,” she concluded, having met him in the late 80s when both were working in his brother’s company. Then into accounts, she had kept up the relationship even when leaving for a second Japanese company. Following LSL Engineering's corporatization in 1995, she did his paperwork at home, even resigning from her full-time job when unable to cope. Marriage and maternity proved no hindrance to her devotion and paperwork for LSL Engineering. When her children grew older, after 2002 she came fully on board.


Andrew now plans to grow his business in SEA in partnership with bigger companies for diversifying LSL Engineering with new and on-going projects. “Despite obtaining OHSAS, we still send workers, especially, the older ones for courses like safety,” he said, leading by example to motivate staff to keep on learning.

A family man, “I keep a watchful eye on my three children for helping them with their education and careers,” he said. While his daughter, Jolene, 20, with a Business Diploma is interested in teaching, his 18-year old son, Jeremy, is pursuing engineering in poly. Jonathan, 23, his eldest son, an Engineering Diploma holder, is into his own small business for bringing models to the catwalk.

An outdoors man loving the sun, sand and sea, Andrew regularly reinvigorates himself by off-shore fishing with old friends. “Watching them fish sharpens my people skills,” he said.

“Being openly grateful to those helping you up the ladder always pays off. It helps you re-wire your brain in business and open your heart for preserving old clientele and friendships, while procuring new ones,” said Andrew, endorsing the wisdom of Deepak Chopra, an Indian-born American physician, public speaker, and writer who said, 'Gratitude opens the door to the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe."