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Mano Equestrian Services Pte Ltd

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“Water is a Turkmen’s life, a carpet his soul and a horse his wings.” And Mr. Mano seeks to nourish the very wings that give an equestrian his flight: his horse. Breathed from passion, and residing in the focal point of a distribution hub, quality is at the forefront of 8-year-old Mano Equestrian Services Pte Limited (MES)’s checklist. Rising well over the heads of competitors was no mean feat, strategic tie-ups and procurement of sole distributorships with reputable equine manufacturers globally, MES ensures distinction and quality assurance of its portfolio of products such as feed and nutritional supplements along with equipment like saddlery and accessories.

“We never cease to uphold standards and are always working closely and consistently with manufacturers to enhance our product excellence,” highlights Mr. Mano. With gusto, he continues, “We take pride in an uprising standard and competitive pricing, fully committed to researching and improving new and existing products alike.” And it is with such commitment and eagerness for betterment that earns MES its fame, known far and wide amongst highly reputable clubs locally like Singapore Turf Club, Polo Club and Saddle Club.

Subscriber to the quote “Knowledge is power,” Mano continually keeps his skill and knowledge of his industry updated, quick to understanding shifts and market trends; he makes sure both his staffs and himself are accustomed to latest products, and is always keeping an ear out for improvements. The growth and expansion in business saw the inclusion of additional headcount in the management, propelling trading skyward, leading to the relocation of the office to a three-storey building of 6523 sq.ft. which serves as an under-one-roof showcase center with a warehouse, office and treatment center for equines all assimilated into one.

“Equestrian as a sport has been of great interest to me since I could remember!” recalls Mr. Mano fondly. Adding, “The career decision came in only after fully understanding the dynamics of the majestic beast which I so admire, and with it, the mechanism of meeting the needs and demands of both equines and its market.” Never one to shy away from community service, Mano is a fervour believer of empowering society and everyone around him, contributing greatly by offering his assistance and sponsorships to aid communities in need. The Managing Director of MES is also currently on the board of directors of Singapore Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry and a patron and executive committee of Narpani Pearavai, or known as the People’s Association Indian Activity Council, Effervescent by nature, Mano captivated his audiences with his eloquence in the “trade language,” applying this gift in addition to promoting his native language as the Tamil Language Learning & Promotion committee.

Reasons for Success

When questioned the reasons for success, Mano merely mentioned one word: “HARDWORK,” more than just a word, this is an acronym for his company’s philosophy and guiding principles which made him where he is, from a humble retail assistant of a saddle trading company to managing a renowned, trusted regional distribution corporation. “Honesty, Aspiration, Responsibility, Determination, Winning Formula, Organisation, Readiness and Knowledge,” Mano elaborates without a moment’s pause. “HARDWORK made me who I am today and I am 100 percent sure that this will pull me through any obstacles to come.”


Akin to a heart for its efficiency and paramount importance, “Singapore will always be in my heart, my vital organ for my company’s distribution and my heart will always belong here, where I am home.” Pledges Mano as he held his fist over his heart. Singapore acts as MES’s vital organ in supplying its equestrian goods and services through a major east-west artery between Singapore and India together with an intricate network of capillaries serving markets locally while branching out regionally.

“Hard work and determination are tried and proven formulae to success. Go for it!”