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Monsoon Group Holdings Pte Ltd

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Widespread recognition

Gracing Monsoon Group’s chain of salons are patrons like Michelle Chia, Quan Yi Feng, Mark Lee, Vivian Lai, Pornsak and Guo Liang among many other popular local names, earning itself a reputation as “the celebrities’ hub” when it comes to Total Image (hair, makeup and fashion).

Mr Addy Lee, the chairman of Monsoon Group Holdings consisting of ten outlets in Singapore, one in China and three in Malaysia, is known for his work with diverse fashion brands and as Singapore’s leading celebrity hairstylist.

Today, Monsoon Group Holdings Pte Ltd is parent to Monsoon, Storm, Sandstorm, Heatwave and Twister, each targeting a specific group of customers. The group’s popularity is undoubtedly spread across all parts of Singapore and Asia with Monsoon’s widely anticipated annual hair-show drawing in a significant number of audiences among those in the trade from all over the world.

Chain of Success

In 1994, Singapore saw the first of its chain; Monsoon officially opened in Bukit Timah Plaza with humble settings, recalled Addy. “I capitalised on only $10,000, combined creativity with non-expensive materials for décor and had only six seats for customers!” In two years, Monsoon’s growing demand could not be contained in that little space, and its second salon surfaced with four more seats than the first.

Subsequently, the third salon set the bench mark with 20 in-house seats and it didn’t stop there. Across the heartlands and city of Singapore the outlets are strategically located; from Western Jurong, Centralised Somerset to Eastern Tampines.


Unlike many who find their purpose only during adolescent years, Addy was adamant in his career choice from a young age. At 13, he picked up his first pair of hair-cutting scissors and never looked back since. By the time he turned 16, he secured a full-time job in a hair salon.

He left his hometown in Penang and came to Singapore at the age of 19. But what turned out from an intended holiday surfaced as “life-changing” for the passionate hairstylist. Stumbling upon a job here, he worked as a junior stylist and continued in the line for the next two years. After which, Addy inaugurated his first salon with a partner at the age of 21. He left soon after to establish Monsoon Group on his own.

Why Singapore? He answered that it was the diversity in advancement that drew him in. The country, known for its progress and cosmopolitan characteristics provided opportunities to grow individually and entrepreneurially. “I also wanted to improve on my English and I did!” he said jovially.

Customising to Needs

Each individual is unique and require a specialised treatment that cater to their specific condition. In 2009, Medi Scalp and Hair Spa launched its first customisation service to meet a new standard – Made to measure hair and scalp treatments that suit the individual customer’s needs in one session.

“We too, understand that there is a higher standard to meet with modernisation, particularly with women. Therefore, Monsoon will continue to grow and expand itself with the continually moving market”, says Addy with confidence.

The future of Monsoon

Addy would like to see Monsoon’s expansion in China to 10 outlets while he lists the company by the time he turns 45. He is 41 now. With Monsoon’s in-house developed professional hair products range, Hatsuga, a bright light is not far off for this outstanding company.

“Good direction, planning and execution will lead to a successful path for you. And when you get there, do not become proud but instead, remember those who were there in your journey and you will continue to have successes to share.”