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PGS Design Pte Ltd

  • Mdm Ong Keok  ·

Standing for ‘Perfect Graphic Studio Pte Ltd’, PGS Design Pte Ltd since 1992 has firmly upheld its values in providing unrivalled service while proving to be trustworthy, dependable and result-oriented.

Over the course of 20 years now, Mdm Ong Keok, founder and Managing Director of PGS Design Pte Ltd has developed her entrepreneurial success in becoming a one-stop marketing solution for photography, graphic design, signage fabrication and Large format printing, even interior & carpentry works for F&B industries.

With credibility and a reputation of high standards, the company is an acclaimed 70% holder of market shares among food courts and coffee shops, making it a leading solutions provider of its kind.

Starting Up

In the midst of her career over 20 years ago as a distributor of Soya Sauce, it occurred to Mdm Ong that the food industry particularly coffee shop stalls, were lacking in visuals that could value add in attracting customers. In 1992, she established a small photography studio called, “Perfect Studio Lab & Marketing”.

However, not everything went smoothly. “The hardest thing for me then was convincing hawkers and coffee shop owners who in that era, never even considered the thought of using photos for their menu, to open up to this new marketing strategy”, Mdm Ong shared.

“After realising the benefits of having visuals presented to their customers, more food stall holders begin acquiring my services”, it was a good platform to expand business.

Shortly after, Mdm Ong incorporated a graphic design and signage department to increase her service capacity in designing and fabricating the food menu all in one. The company repositioned itself in the market and changed its name to “Perfect Graphic Studio Pte Ltd”.

A big break came when food courts began surfacing in shopping malls and its popularity grew, she was able to clinch contracts with a few chains of food courts engaging her service.

“Innovation is what keeps a business going”, said Mdm Ong, “in order to meet the increasingly high requirements of the market, I will continue to come up with creative solutions and expand my range of products to always give better and better to my clients”.

Living up to its name, PGS Design Pte Ltd has been able to develop its recognition through word of mouth and high referral rates attesting to its standards.


In its 9000 sq. feet workshop, Mdm Ong employs approximately 50 staff with a strong management team whose feedback she values for improvement. Every year the company organises dinner & dance, family day and frequent outings for team bonding. With continued success, she will grow PGS Design Pte Ltd from strength to strength in due time.

Within a few short years, she hopes to bring her business, a one-stop graphic & interior creative house to the world through trade shows, overseas exhibitions and events. As of now, the far-sighted and respectable business woman is already in the process of expanding her branding, graphic and interior design business to the overseas market.

“The most important step in my accomplishment is setting a specific goal. Be focused when encountering obstacles that will arise.”