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P.U.S.HMusic Records Pte Ltd

  • Mr. Roy Goh  ·
  • Mr. Daniel Lee  ·

The young entrepreneurs, both passionate about music, first met while actively engaging in church and its music ministry.

“We played in the church band together, we recognised our ability to connect through music and it was a natural fit for the both of us”, said Roy. And that did it for them. In 2002, Roy and Daniel established their company P.U.S.HMusic Records, at the ages of 17 and 21, respectively.

With progress and a change in direction, the company incorporated P.U.S.HMusic Pte Ltd in 2005 - the year it launched its first EP album, a monumental step for the business.

P.U.S.HMusic Pte Ltd today comprises of two main divisions and five departments – Artistes Academy Division; Strategic Business Division; Artiste & Repertoire Department; Events & Marketing Department; Programme Department; Training Department; Regional Liaison Department; Human Resource Department and Public Relations Department.

Their significant growth they believe is attributed to perseverance, wise council, enthusiasm and most important of all – passion.

10 year mark

10 years on, attaining a milestone in their path, now 27 and 31 year old Roy and Daniel has come a long way with a testimony of tears, sweat and joy.

“Music is a career choice that we will never compromise”, the two agreed.

P.U.S.HMusic from origins, has conducted music programmes and provided platforms for aspiring music talents.

Despite their young age, the partners are known to push boundaries with unceasing passion. Since the beginning of their career, they have worked actively with youths to coach and groom artists from various music cultures. Its involvement in vocal development for ITE Singapore Centre for Music and The Arts (CEMTA) for six year (2002-2008) has given many youths opportunities to showcase their talents in upstaging performances, a feeling close to home for Roy who was also an ITE graduate and aspiring musician.

In September 2011, a cover featuring Roy was published in Ignite Magazine by ITE, sharing his story of success in music.

Among P.U.SHMusic Pte Ltd’s achievements in Successful Entrepreneurship, are recent awards that recognise the young duo’s passion for igniting a flame in the industry. Of which are Singapore Top 100 Excellence Award 2011/2012 and the Top 500 Promising SMEs Award 2012.

Now actively involved in various Primary and Secondary schools, Roy and Daniel continue to spread the joy of music to the younger generation.

Young Talent

Roy’s parents discover his inclination to rhythm and tune when he was only four years after presenting him with a toy keyboard. They were surprised at his innate ability to carry out a tune even at a tender developing age. By 14, Roy could play the keyboard, drums and guitar.

“I was never the studious type”, he admitted, “but I knew I was capable in excelling in music”.

Taking note of his talent was Mr Cho Kok Weng, a student development officer from ITE Headquaters who remembered the then, budding 2nd runner up singer in an open category campus talent quest.

Approaching Roy to conduct vocal training at the ITE Centre for Music and The Arts, the offer was humbly declined as Roy hesitated because of his lack of experience. Later on, with much persuasion by Mr. Cho, Roy actively contributed to the coaching the Vocal Development Group (ITE College West) – what was to add on years to sharing his love for music.

For Daniel, a talented classical pianist who attained grade 8 by 16, felt his passion for music slowly fading.

“The classical piano, I realised wasn’t for me. It was limiting in a way without any improvising which I wasn’t able to identify with any longer” said Daniel.

After which, Daniel joined the church music ministry as a vocalist where he and Roy found common ground.

Today, the partners are sturdier than ever in their endeavours. They seek to constantly move with their passion while giving others platforms to showcase theirs.

“Start, discover and plan now. A chance is all it takes to prove yourself.”