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Jason Tan, Piano Consultant/ Tuner/ Trainer

Jason Tan, the founder of Piano Master International – the premier source of piano service expertise, inaugurated his business in 1985. Dating back, he was a band player whom later entered this industry. His apprenticeship came from an experienced piano technician who expertise in repair, rebuild and tuning services. Jason started ‘Piano Master’ with the piano technician servicing and selling used pianos and eventually taking parts from Baldwin piano in USA to assemble his own pianos. His pride is reflected in giving his best workmanship to avid pianists. Combining his accumulated knowledge in carpentry, piano tuning, repair and rebuilding, he sets himself a goal to source for the finest piano that would concur with his business ideas.

After years of hard work, he executed a brilliant move in 1994 by setting up a Piano tuning class within the company to help boost the after sales service of customers. Both technical aspects and integrity in work were factors that he sought after. From this, Piano Master then developed a better understanding of the needs and requirements of a customer. Several of his disciples are now either hobbyist, freelancers or are working within Piano Master itself.

In 1996, the company was changed to ‘Piano Master International’. This was to signify and mark its trade of international standards.

Today, Piano Master International has come from its humble beginnings to being the exclusive distributor for 8 brands. They are; Grotrain (Germany), Petrof (Czech Republic), Klima (Czech Republic), Rosler (Czech Republic), Wendl & Lung (Austria), Behning (Japan), Atlas (Japan) and Hailun (China). Aside from being the South East Asia sole distributor for Hailun Piano, Piano Master has also expanded into the music school business with the setting up of ‘Piano Master International Music School’ .

Jason’s passion, hard work and persistence have made him what he is today. Not resting on his laurels, he constantly enriches and upgrades himself with research from Germany, China, Russia and Taiwan. Also, he regularly visits different piano manufacturers and exhibitions to be informed on the latest development in the piano industry.

Before taking on distributorship for any brand, he is critical about product quality by visiting the manufacturers and doing his own research before making his decision. “I want to be 100% sure my customers get the best value for their money”, he said. This ethic has helped him create a group of loyal supporters in Singapore and the ASEAN region over the years.

“Every product has its marketing point”, added Mr Tan. Possessing a sound grasp of knowledge when the opportunity arrives is also fundamental. His aim is to create an environment where people want to be part of the direction, bold and ready to take radical solutions with the courage to face challenges and fight against the evitable. His passion was aviating and hopes to direct ‘Piano Master’ to an internationally recognised household brand.

Upon receiving the Top 100 Excellence Award and the Successful Entrepreneur Award, Jason feels gratified as he has contributed 99% of his time and effort in establishing his business. With the rising demands and standards of today, he has to work even harder to achieve greater height in the business.

Passion first, money later

“Most would say, start young! But I believe that one must love what you do first, at any age, interest is primary! However, at the same time, if you allow failure to hold you back, you won’t get anywhere.” Adding on, Jason elaborates, “everyone will make mistakes in life or business, but sometimes it is from the mistakes where you learn the most.”

With that, his next move is to broaden the company into the international market so that Singapore will become the hub for worldwide distribution.

“Sometimes, when you have big dreams but feel that the progress is slow, don’t give up! Because once you do, you will never see your dreams made into reality. ”