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Profoto Digital Services Pte Ltd

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True Success

True success. This is what the 13-year old Profoto Digital Services, a One-Stop Solution & Service Provider in advertising & market media, is now increasingly focusing on. After winning a Silver Award in the Shanghai 2011 HP Scitex Green Environment Category, among other recognitions, for its efforts. “Success is not only about money, status or fame. But about finding satisfactions and joy in contributing, and importantly making a difference,” explained Mr Lock Hui Koon, its 48-year old Chinese-educated but English-speaking MD - with excellent PR.

And true to his words, his 90+ strong Profoto Digital Services - now largely into digital graphic prints, events setups, window display and project management, from a professional photographic lab in 1998 with eight staff – takes its corporate social responsibilities seriously. “While supporting Singapore's Green Environment policy through eco-friendly technology, exploring new business from any industry or market requiring, for instance, media & publicity exposure.

And branding itself through marketing and participating in charity and sponsorship and attending related events and exhibitions locally and regionally,” he said. The company is also the first local licensee for Re-board Concept. Types of application include POP/POS Stands; 3D Props Fabrication; Customized Packaging; Exhibition & Trade Shows; Events and Semi-Permanent Finishing.


A former dark-room technician, he started Profoto Digtital Services on 7th August 1998 with an Indonesian businessman, Mr Johnny Pranata – and $700,000 starting capital. “It was a challenging journey growing the company while embracing new technologies and the people we meet,” Mr Lock said. And helping him to expand his business over the last three years is his Executive Director, Mr Johnny Lam, 52.

A former working colleague, Mr Lam is now taking over the business operations locally and regionally while simultaneously grooming a new second-line leadership in Profoto Digital Services and implementing 3Y and 5-Y Plans focusing on high-end technology, modern work processes and business expansion in this region.

Getting the right people for the right job; upgrading their skills; going forward and not just moving on; learning to be competitive; valuing every opportunity; and working as a team to make things happen. These forward-looking policies have already paid off for the company. With established business partnerships and similar business profiles in Bangkok, Guangzhou, Beijing, Manila, Jakarta and KL. “And soon, hopefully, Ho Chin Minh City,” said Mr Johnny Lam.

After completing a Bangkok launch early this year on an IT product and project managing a nine-day annual country meeting in Beijing, “Now we are into an on-going, smaller launch for a fashion brand in Jakarta,” said Mr Lam adding, “All clients matter to us, big or small.” The company's clients have now gone up to some 400 - from 50 in 1998.

Secret of Success

Their secret? “While going overseas and diversifying our portfolio, we learnt to say 'NO' to the good, so as to say 'YES' to the best” exclaimed Mr Lam. “Through life-long learning, exceeding market demands and clients' expectations through creativity and innovative solutions. And inspiring trust through our sincerity to both clients and our workers are some of the values we must adopt” said Mr Lock.

He added, “We take good care of both, by being genuine with our clients and also transparent with our people.” Following government guidelines, the company's HR Department ensures that both its local and overseas staff are well taken care of. While continuing to employ staff in their 50s and 60s – so long as they are healthy and able to work. We also hold regular interviews and discussions with them for improving work conditions and better servicing clients.”

“Never let fear stop you from realizing your dreams and don't ever stop learning. The day you stop, your organization dies. Be clear about exactly what you can or cannot do – so long as you do what you promise. And take full responsibility for your actions.