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SMARTTEAM School of Management

  • Ms. Song Fanrong  ·

In this globalised world, few realise that the scope of business is no longer limited to your country of origin or where it is simply more convenient to work. Ms. Song Fanrong is one of those who understand that industries are delimited by borders and thus can truly say that the world is her oyster.

A sharp business woman, Fanrong was bitten by the entrepreneur bug early, setting up her first company at the age of 22; a ‘Hospitality Agency’ packaging programmes for travellers. After her first job in journalistic work, she discovered her adventurous spirit for enterprise, which soon materialised in a chain of businesses. Despite the fact that her first effort performed well, she decided to slow down operations after over ten years, to target greater horizons.

While establishing a market in the China goods trade, her Chinese counterparts proposed for their children to be Singapore educated with her help. SMARTTEAM School of Management was then inaugurated in 2008. Specialising in preparatory courses for entry into primary and secondary schools, along with various other diploma and certificate courses, it is backed up by EduTrust, and also recognised by the Council for Private Education. Her vision and goal is to set up some 40 kindergarten branches in China, the school has expanded swiftly locally as well; filling ten classrooms in its 14000 Sq. Ft. ft. compound and team of 20 staff, a stark contrast from its humble beginnings of only a small classroom and just six staff in Singapore.

One with a broad mind but a bigger heart, Fanrong has improved the lives of many with her philanthropic ways. Collaborating yearly with China’s Government Charity organisation, “Gui Zhou Population Welfare Foundation”, she sponsors some 60 children yearly from various orphanages apart from her 2009 establishment, “Singapore China International Culture Association” that accommodates exchange programs between the two countries, fully paid for. In 2010, $50,000 was donated to local schools by the company.

Fanrong’s plans for the future are unceasing. Possessing the right attitude and business acumen, her dream to mark 2000 students locally and expansion to 50 kindergarten schools are not far in sight for the woman of generosity.

“Be as firm as the mountain in achieving your goal and be flexible as water in dealing with people.