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Sakura Tech (S) Pte Ltd

  • Mr. Razali Jaafar  ·

The Prominent Entrepreneur

Standing out prominently as the only Malay in the industry, Mr. Razali Jaafar is a leading entrepreneur of its kind. Sakura Tech (S) Pte Ltd, inaugurated with the attributes of discipline, hard work, commitment and what Mr Razali jokes as, “no day, no night and no sleep!”, is now tasting the prosperous fruits of labour.


Over a span of 15 years, Sakura Tech (S) Pte Ltd has scaled an escalating height in the plastic precision trade. With factories set up in Malaysia , Shanghai, Thailand , Shenzhen, Brazil and upcoming in Jakarta while headquartered in Singapore and marketed in a US office, the company shoulders over 1000 staff internationally.

“Total Plastic Solutions” comprises of total program management, product design, prototying, tools & dies, injection molding, secondary & value added process.

The large global factory compounds highly advanced technology for moulding, tooling and module assembly of plastic and electrical components that make up an engine in, for example, a printer. These lasers specialising in printers and niche application include printer mechanicals, automotive mechanical parts and medical products (internal parts equipment), while the company is closely tied with medical organisations in Switzerland and U.S.

Capitalising on merely $500,000 and a vision, the company which began manufacturing only electronic lenses is now an international trade of diversified products.

In 2001, Mr. Razali also set up his trade and manufacturing plant in Malaysia to broaden prospects in uprising Asia.

Today, the Sakura acronym is a representation of:

S - Strong commitment to customer quality and compliance with statutory requirements (product safety, product performance and all applicable product/environmental legislations and requirements);

A - Actively Reducing, Re-using and Re-cycling;

K - Knowledge upgrading in advance technology to achieve product quality;

U - Utilizing pollution prevention methods through environmentally friendly practices;

R - Reviewing and revising suitability to maintain the effectiveness of quality and environmental management system;

A - Achieving continual improvement through objective setting and system integration.

Future Plans

Now penetrating the aerospace industry, Mr. Razali is constantly developing new products, innovating fresh ideas and moving ahead of the market. “Going into precision for the aerospace industry is a big next step for Sakura”, he says. Not far from his sight, is Africa, an uprising market where he hopes to establish his trade one day.

“A big-hearted man”

“Give back to society what you’ve benefitted from them!” he believes.

A mentor for youths, Mr. Razali is involved in Heartware Network, a youth community organisation where he conducts inspirational talks to guide youths into finding their path while sharing the importance of having a vision. This is just one among many other charitable projects Mr. Razali partakes in. Yearly, he budgets S$50,000 for sponsorship to various support organisations.

“A big-hearted man”, is what his many of his staff recognises about him. “Not just a good boss, he is warm and fatherly to us all”, one of them said.

“Constantly upgrade your ideas and innovate concepts to be ahead of the race.”