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Along with entrepreneurial success stories like Ya Kun International Pte Ltd, and 29 other aspiring revelations of ups and downs in business, Mr. Eric Foo shares his journey as a successful entrepreneur in a recent publication, Are You Ready to be the Next Entrepreneur?

There, the founder of Sheng Ye International Pte Ltd and Edu-Biz International illustrates a persevering character in emphasising that all failure can turn into successes, “the key is simply to learn and pick yourself up from it”.

Sheng Ye International Pte Ltd, inaugurated in 2005, is the re-born of Eric’s once failed food & beverage business in Beijing, China.

“At Sheng Ye International, we are in the people moving business”, Eric explained, “we work with foreigners and help them source for opportunities in employment, education, long-term pass, or perhaps, if they are intending to set up a business here, we are the people to look for”.

Despite the diverse difference moving from one industry to another, one thing remains the same – Eric’s philosophy in approaching clients with ‘cheng xin’ - advocating the principles of sincerity, integrity and honesty regardless of any situation.

More than a name, Sheng Ye, which means victorious business, and given when Eric sought advice from a Buddhist Temple, is also an acronym to the fundamentals of the traits the he prides the business on.

S – Solutions

H – Honesty

E – Efficient

N - Notable

G – Givers’ Gain

Y – Youthful

E – Energising People

Turning Negative to Positive

“In January 2003, my career took a turn for the worst”. Eric remembers vividly how he hit his lowest point shortly after commencing his food and beverage business in January 2003, the SARS epidemic tossed his plans down the drain in the very same year. While struggling with that, his stable income from his job was also cut off when he found it difficult to juggle both endeavours. “I was at my wits ends”, he said speaking on his surmounting debts to pay.

Downtrodden, he was left without a purpose.

Subsequently, Eric realised that he would be destined for failure if he did not change his thinking. “No one could help me but myself”, he continued.

Charged with a positive attitude, he landed himself in an opportunity when Singapore was in the initial stages of opening her doors to foreign students and a Chinese national approached him to take on recruitment in his private school in Singapore.

Having no prior experience, he found himself having a knack for the job. After six months, Eric ventured out and established Edu-Biz International.

With his ability to connect with people, it was easy for Eric to build his network base among Chinese nationals. More importantly, it earned him the trust of many he worked with.

Through this, he learnt the formula of an enterprising spirit that laid the foundation to achieving business excellence in several of his business ventures till this day. Sheng Ye International too, was built on this trait.

Today, his network spans across diverse countries and nationals. He believes that he achieves a higher sense of fulfilment from being the platform for others to achieve opportunities that are limited in their own countries and allowing them a life of better standards, even for their families.

“Trust is key”, he says.

Attesting to his credibility is the high referral rates Sheng Ye International enjoys. Apart from Eric’s efforts in active networking, he understands that through business, friendships can be made - which is his approach with all clients.

Team effort

Previously a lone runner in business, Eric has steered himself in a new direction and is now continually expanding his team. Recognising that his staff is his greatest assets, he provides constant guidance allowing natural leaders to blossom. Bonding is only one part of it. Through incentives and “taking care of their needs”, he motivates them to take further and bolder steps treating the company to be their own.

He has also partnered with some of his capable foreign staff in other ventures overseas.

Give as Received Despite his business keeping him up to his neck, Eric still finds time to serve the community in ways that he is able to. Working closely with the next generation, he spearheads the youth division in associated Hainan Youth Entrepreneurs’ Club. Also a member of the Lion’s club, it is important to him to give back to society through community development and fund-raising. “There’s more to being an entrepreneur than the money you make, it is also about fulfilment and being able to do something for others.”

“I believe that a good and successful business is the result of proper planning, having the right manpower and perseverance.”