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Tai Sing Corporation Pte Ltd

  • Mr. A.K. Chia  ·

“Bomber Man”, “Lets and Go”, “Beyblade” and “Ultraman”, these are just a few of the toys that were synonymous with our childhood. Heralded as a heavyweight in the import and export industry for toys, Tai Sing Corporation Pte Ltd has long been etched into our minds as the king of toys.

Supplying to major outlets like Isetan, Takashimaya, BHG, Popular Bookstore and other major departmental stores, Tai Sing boasts an impressive clientele list. The company has also taken root in Malaysia and plans to expand into Vietnam. “One should always have a plan. If he is easily satisfied with his achievements, he becomes stagnant” said Mr Chia, managing director and founder of Tai Sing Corporation.

Having developed a keen interest in toys since childhood, he began his foray into the trade by doing toy sales at a young age. 11 years later, armed with six partners and an undying zest for toys, Tai Sing Corp was born. However, success for the company was not garnered without sacrifice.

Competition was intense as rivals kept importing better, more popular toys. Tai Sing stood out by constantly examining both local and foreign markets to determine which programs were selling successfully, as the popularity of the toys imported was attributed to their relevant cartoon franchise. “We had to purchase the individual program licenses and bid for primetime slots to broadcast them on television,” said Mr Chia. “Many of the shows came from Japan and the cost of translating them into English was immense.”

The company focuses on importing a variety of innovative products that cater to many ages. “Currently we are importing products such as fuel-powered toy cars that appeal to an older demographic group such as teenagers and young adults.” said Mr Chia. “We have also been the sole distributor in baby products like strollers and car seats from Japanese brand Combi for over 20 years.”

With a dedicated and experienced team that not only delivers, but also contributes to Tai Sing’s quality assurance, it is no wonder Tai Sing Corporation has maintained its success all these years.

“Instead of running in the face of adversity, one must continue to strive. In that lies the key to success.”