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Tai Wah Group Pte Ltd & Ocean Group Pte Ltd

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About us

Tai Wah Group Pte Ltd is the mother company managing a chain of nearly a dozen rented, non-airconditioned coffeshops all over Singapore. Ocean Group looks after its nine rented, non-airconditioned seafood stalls, stretching from Serangoon North Avenue, Ang Mok Kio and Hougang to Tampines and Tanjong Pagar. Largely Singaporean, over 120 full-time and part-time employees work here, including cooks/chefs hired from Malaysia at the end of 2011, being difficult to get them locally. Both companies were set up in May 2010 by Mr Johnson Lim, 31, an Electronics Diploma Holder and Mr Poh Chye Sing, 51, who joined him later, in October 2010. Both are Partners/Directors.

“We specialise in creating a memorable seafood eating experience for our customers. Regardless of whether it's a corporate gathering or a special occasion, we are now committed to providing impeccable service in the shortest time possible,” said Mr Lim, taking charge of drinks and the coffee shops. Mr Poh looks after the seafood stalls and central kitchen. Very experienced and very entrepreneurial, with his in-depth knowledge of the seafood market, he concerns himself with investments and making important decisions.

“Both of us came together to serve a common purpose for sharing the tastes of delicious sea-food with everyone else,” said Mr Lim. Being young and venturesome with his ample experience in the drinks industry, he joined hands with Mr Poh in the seafood industry for over three decades. And together, set up a common coffee shop which expanded into an island-wide chain. Subsequently, they also formed a company by combining their expertise in their individual niche areas for creating a service for clients to commemorate special occasions.

This gave birth to a catering service with a central kitchen at Kaki Bukit Road, now employing nine to 15 people, part-time and full-time, and three drivers. Including a factory at Eunos Tech Link in Kaki Bukit for producing its own sauce and processed seafood.

Company philosophy

Both partners are positive thinkers. “No risk, no gain. Our company philosophy,” said Mr Lim describing himself and Mr Poh “as happy-go-lucky.” Mr Poh also advised.“Don’t think too much. Or you will be afraid to take bold decisions. JUST DO IT!” With this courageous philosophy motivating them, by holding frequent meetings and consulting Mr Poh regularly for his entrepreneurial wisdom, market knowledge and decision-making capabilities, the dynamic duo keep on moving relentlessly ahead.

Said Mr Lim, “We are aware that our entrepreneurial journey is not going to be an easy one. Troubles of all sorts will, sooner or later, emerge to slow us down. But we are not perturbed as its normal for all entrepreneurs to be in hot water periodically. So we will meet our difficulties head-on, cheerfully when we encounter them, with a fighting spirit and fire in our belly.” The tough and experienced entrepreneur advised, “But not before. For don't trouble trouble - unless trouble troubles you!”


The company hopes to promote the local favourite, Chilly Crab, in Southern China in its own restaurant it hopes to set up soon.“China is a super market,” said Mr Lim, also hoping to enter Indonesia and, perhaps, Philippines one day. “But not Malaysia which has too many Chinese seafood restaurants.” He added, “This is our road ahead for expanding Tai Wah Group Pte Ltd & Ocean Group Pte Ltd. And realizing our dreams in the short-run.”

“Serve the company and the company will serve you.”