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Top Interior Design Renovation Pte Ltd

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Current Situation

“The more jobs we do, the happier we become,” said Ms Cynthia Choo, the founder and MD of Top Interior Design Renovation. And already her wishes for her 16-year company to take on more and bigger jobs are coming true – both locally and in China. Now famous in her line for supplying various kinds of customised residential and office furniture and decoration including display design cabinets, she said, “Our regular clientele now number some two dozen – from three or four persons initially – with 30% comprising the married children of older clients. Our referrals are 100%, providing us with good business over the last three years.”

“Initially, we were only into sales,” said Cynthia whose husband runs his own company. This was when the company was started in Tagore Lane where it remained for a decade. Top Interior Design Renovation is now into its second 3,000 sq ft premises cum furniture workshop in North Link Building in Admiralty Street.

Of its 15 staff including five Singaporeans, six are full-time including designers and supervisors. And nine part-time - all sub-contractors. Divided into two groups, one is into furniture-making and the other, on site renovation works. “We regularly experience difficulties in hiring or retaining skilled, younger workers,” she complained. “They are not keen to stay with us for long to refine their skills in carpentry work. And are eager for quick promotions and good pay.”

Success Philosophy

Cynthia who previously ran her own manufacturing factory outlined her success strategy.“I value both customers and workers and communicate both-ways,” she said proudly. During her entrepreneurial journey, she augmented her secondary four education in Chinese by picking up skills in English.

“Be honest and sincere with both customers and workers, provide good service and never, never, never give up.” advised the persevering entrepreneur who also believes in giving her workers full freedom to do their work in their own creative ways. “I never interfere with their work styles or pressurise them,” said Cynthia who during Chinese New Year, splurges on a get-together with her workers. “I also provide them with good benefits,” she said, devoting her Sundays to her family, adding, “I am forever grateful to my older workers for supporting me.”


In 1996 when the company started work at its first location in Tagore Lane, initially, it resorted to large-scale advertising of its products and services in both the Chinese and English newspapers. It continued like this for the next 18 months to two years and managed to attract a small, regular clientele. A decade later, Top Interior Design Renovation with more clients and staff moved to its present location in Admiralty Street. And is now enjoying further, continuing success, especially, after 2009.

“Our best period is 2009, compared to the recessionary 2008, our worst year,” she said. Things are now looking up for the gutsy entrepreneur, in the forefront in making her company a leader in its field locally - and increasingly in China.

The Way Ahead

Even as Top Interior Design Renovation is expanding on two fronts, Cynthia is now looking to prepare her second line leadership among both her children and/or staff. “This may take some time as I need to motivate and interest them to take charge,” she said, admitting, “But, its not easy to attract restless and ambitious younger people to enter and remain in our carpentry line.”

“Handle your customers well by treating them sincerely - and as friends. Tolerate their wishes and desires. And solve problems for them.”