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Trend Glass Design Pte Ltd

  • Ms Pink Lim  ·
  • Ms Lim Sue Lian  ·
  • Ms Lim Xiao Mei


Pink Lim, one of 11 siblings, including eight sisters, was among those inheriting thick entrepreneurial blood from their parents. She is one of the two founders of the now 40-staffed, 12-year old, One-Stop glass specialist, Trend Glass Design Pte Ltd. The other is Sue Lian, her elder sister. A year after it was founded in 1998, the local processed glass manufacturer officed at The Adelphi in Coleman Street did the glass works for numerous prestigious projects. Subsequently, both entrepreneurs roped in a third sister, Xiao Mei to manage the factory set up in 2000 at Eunos Avenue 7 by Susan Teng. “One of our seven ‘corner-stones’ for manufacturing our special effects glass,” said Sue Lian.

“With our unique line of handcrafted, corporate gifts and lifestyle products, we produce a comprehensive range of items,” she said. Including Hand-crafted Kiln Formed Texture and Fused Glass; Glass Signage; Curve Glass; Special Effect Glass; Color Back Glass; Laminated Glass with art paper, fabric, wood veneer; Simulated Traditional Stained Glass; Glass Artwork; Color Tinted Mirror / Satin Mirror; Clear Float & Tempered Glass; Glass Plaques; Sandblast Etched Glass Panel; and Stack Glass Block.

By working with Architects and Interior Designer Consultants in prestigious, commercial and residential projects, Trend Glass Design Pte Ltd is now into all aspects of glass fabrication - from concept, designing, fabrication to final installation – incorporating elegant and traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde glass designs blending in the design philosophies and fusion art of the East and West. Accordingly, expansion in space area, besides staff and business, is now a byword for the company stretching to two office units at The Adelphi covering 1000 sq ft – from a single unit. “We are intending to get a third,“ said Pink. “Our Eunos factory is now 12,000 sq ft, six times larger, when first set up.”

Reflections & Strengths

‘Without any comprehensive bailout plan for exigencies, we were still very naively gung-ho when setting up Trend Glass Design with its local factory,” said Pink, reflecting. “But we are very glad things happened the way they happened – allowing us to fulfil our innermost dreams.” Based on her entrepreneurial experiences in founding and managing her own IT company, she was soon persuaded by Sue Lian to go jointly entrepreneurial with Trend Glass Design Pte Ltd – backed by her own expertise in establishing a glass company in Singapore for another manufacturer, earlier in 1996.

Added Sue Lian, “We are succeeding because we remain strong on our fundamentals, delivering our promises for assuring high-quality products and deadlines. While consistently satisfying clients with reasonably priced, fine quality, distinctive glass products. We also care for our staff with our kindred emotion and empathetic pain, not forgetting our beloved and late entrepreneurial parents who had drilled into us precious values like 'never take advantage of others,' and to be always true to oneself.”

A true entrepreneur, their father from China with a humble background, had started various ventures including a grocery store, a seafood restaurant, an orchard in Malaysia and a real-estate company – wherever he saw a pot of gold. “He did not leave us much money, but something even better, an imperishable golden legacy for us to continue,” said Pink, proudly.


“To house our factory and increasing workforce under one roof, we need to secure our own building of, at least, 20,000 to 30,000 sq ft,” said Pink. While exploring ways for upgrading and educating clients on their services. “So we continually update our website as a marketing tool,” said Sue Lian. “While increasing staff commitment through more training, promotional opportunities and welfare benefits, and feeling more at home, as our extended family.”

“Always under construction, the bumpy Road to Success (unlike the Road to Failure) always runs uphill, hardly crowded on the extra mile while dotted with many tempting parking places, And never straight – with Failure, just a curve ahead Sometimes there is no next time, no second chance ..It's Now or Never!”said Pink. “But, with Determination/Perseverance and Will Power, despite every wrong decision we make, we will gradually become stronger, smarter and wiser,“assured Sue Lian. “For counting our blessings during our entrepreneurial journey.”