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YH Furniture Trading

  • Mr. Chng Kwee Ching  ·
  • Ms. Lin Shao Hua  ·

He was a humble young carpenter in the 1960s with a passion for designing furniture. Today, with Mr. Chng Kwee Ching, together with his wife, Ms. Lin Shao Hua, has far surpassed the dream that the once young teenager had.

With a 10,000 sq feet factory in China, two showrooms locally – 24,000 and 3,500 sq feet respectively, and retail brand, Furniture Collection Centre (retail outlet, opened in 2009), all housing a total of approximately 100 staff, the husband and wife team have much to feel proud of.

“Thinking back, at 18, I never expected to have achieved any of this!” said Mr. Chng who believes he would not have made it thus far without Ms. Lin, his wife, supporter and business partner.

YH Furniture Trading, operated by the couple was set up in 1995 but Mr. Chng’s entrepreneur story began a long time before that. In 1978, he established Golden Light Furniture Construction customising detailed carvings and engraved type furniture. It was a difficult road to take he shared. Unable to find local carpenters, it became clear that he needed to shift the direction of his business. Encouraged by Ms. Lin, YH Furniture Trading was born.

Moving into mass production was a big jump, but one that was necessary. The company took a bold move to China in 1997 inaugurating Fuzhou YH Furniture Co. Ltd. Manufacturing in China, products are then brought into Singapore and supplied locally.

Yearly, YH Furniture Trading is a participant of an average of five furniture exhibitions but Mr. Chng plans on increasing that number. In the year ahead, they hope to internationalise their business, beginning by supplying to China as well.

Concluding their plans, Ms. Lin says “we can recognise the capabilities of our staff and when the time is right, we intend to leave the operations of the business in their hands while we slow down on our own productivity and take the time to enjoy life!”

“Your interest will carry you forward through difficult times. Without it, perseverance is impossible.”