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Yixin Construction Pte Ltd

  • Mr. Chen Xiong  ·

Singapore is dubbed the world’s easiest place to do business, and has one of the best governance on anti-corruption practices. “An opportunity arose, and I dived right in”, the Chinese businessman said.

With a decade of experience in the same field under his belt, it was of no qualms to Mr Chen to step up a business and be his boss. So in upbeat fashion, he decided to call Singapore his hometown where he piles his trade passionately. He was – as the Government of Singapore calls, a “foreign talent”.

Established in 2007, Yixin Construction Pte Ltd is the proud product of his venture. He roped in Mr. Gao Sheng Guo as his business partner whom he shares a common understanding with.

Specialising in metal works such as cutting processes of threading and filing and joining processes of welding and soldering, it is not an easy skill. Mr Chen has a team of almost fifty adept workers for the production of parts, assemblies and large-scale structures, including stainless steel that consists of many sound qualities of a metal.

People to Mr Chen, are the single most important resource in his company. While he is a Managing Director who oversees operations, he also gets down to doing some of the nitty-gritty work itself. “Effective communication with my employees is paramount to serving my clients better”, he says. And long-term relationships with his client are what saw him through the tough times.

Unlike many who are sometimes overly eager for expansions and quick successes, Mr Chen wants to focus on keeping a constant growth on an annual basis. One day, he hopes to bring his establishment to Jingzhu, China – back to his roots. Mr Chen wants to thank his family and dedicated staff whom he refers to as his “second family”. He also credits the Singapore Government who gave him the opportunity for success.

“Have in mind an idea, and work feverously towards it.”