I Salute all our Entrepreneurs

Because most of them run small and medium eterprises, they are not celebrated in the way that the leaders of our large companies and MNCs are. This often blinds us to the the importance of SMEs which account for 99% of all enterprises in Singapore and 70% of our jobs.

-extracted from the Foreword by Professor Tommy Koh, Singapore Ambassador-at-Large & Special Advisor, Institute of Policy Studies, in the prestigious publication of GRC Press Holdings, '2010 Successful Entrepreneur – A New Journey

VIP Messages

Professor Tommy Koh

Congratulations to GRC Press Holdings on the publication of the 2011 edition of SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR.

I am the son of an entrepreneur. My father’s university education in Shanghai was interrupted by the Great Depression which destroyed his father’s business. My grandfather never recovered from the setback. My father returned to Singapore and, while barely out of his teens, had to take over the role of the family’s bread winner.

With only book knowledge and no experience of the business world, my father started his life journey as an entrepreneur. When his first business venture failed, he refused to be defeated. He picked himself up and started a new business. When the second business failed, he started a third and so on until he succeeded. He was constantly re-inventing himself in order to remain relevant, useful and profitable. When I look back on my father’s career as an entrepreneur, I can identify a number of qualities and strengths in him which are shared by successful entrepreneurs: hard work, inventiveness, resilience, determination and a never-say-die attitude.

I salute all our entrepreneurs. Because most of them run small and medium-sized enterprises, they are not celebrated in the way that the leaders of our large companies and multinational corporations are. This often blinds us to the importance of SMEs which account for 99% of all enterprises in Singapore and 70% of our jobs. We should also remember that some of the big companies of Singapore, such as, Hyflux, Creative, Osim, Eu Yang San, Venture, began life as SMEs. It is, therefore, in the national interest of Singapore to foster a world class environment for entrepreneurs. Our tax regime is excellent. Our regulatory environment is one of the best in the world. Access to capital for young entrepreneurs is, however, not optimal. I am also told by young entrepreneurs that many of our schemes to assist them are not user-friendly, being burdened by excessive paper work and conditionalities.

In conclusion, my colleagues and I in IPS congratulate all the recipients of the ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ awards. We wish them continued success in the years ahead. We wish Singapore to become the best city for young entrepreneurs.

Dr. Mohamad Maliki Osman
Senior Parlimentary Secretary for MND and MP For East Coast GRC

My heartiest congratulations to Ken Pan and GRC Press Holdings on publishing ‘SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR 2011’ to celebrate the entrepreneurship spirit in Singapore. Entrepreneurship involves the tenacity to pursue one’s passion to explore the unknown. Risk-taking becomes a fundamental ingredient and fear of failure is not within one’s radar. Behind the story of every successful entrepreneur, is an even greater story, albeit heart wrenching at times, of previous failures. It is not the success stories that we should look at but the process of how these entrepreneurs pick themselves up from these trenches of failures to their current highway to success.

Indeed, behind every successful entrepreneur is probably an untold story of the human spirit to overcome insurmountable odds. We should document and celebrate these stories to inspire others to take the path less travelled. Publications like ‘SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR 2011’ are a good example of celebrating these success stories.

A common theme that cuts across almost all the success stories of entrepreneurs is to grow the soul of their enterprise – to connect their businesses to the community, to the less fortunate or to a social cause. As beneficiaries at the community, we are heartened by such social consciousness that our entrepreneurs have. Entrepreneurs like Ken Pan have demonstrated the essence of the spirit of entrepreneurship – to have the eyes focused on business success and the heart rooted to the community.

For rooting the spirit of entrepreneurship to the community, I am particularly grateful to GRC Holdings for choosing ACE the Place Community Club (CC) Building Fund as the beneficiary of its Gala Night organised in conjunction with the launch of this publication. With more facilities available in this modern CC, the residents from all ages, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, including PRs and new citizens will come together, creating excellent opportunities for the development of a stronger and cohesive community and accumulation of social capital.

Small and medium-sized enterprises will continue to be a key pillar of Singapore’s economy. The stories documented in this book will inspire them and more as they develop the keen eye for business acumen yet continue to root their hearts firmly in the community. Thank you.

Halimah Yacob
MP for Jurong GRC
NTUC Deputy Secretary-General

I congratulate GRC Press Holdings on the publication of its prestigious ‘2011 Successful Entrepreneur’ edition featuring authentic, true-life accounts of local self-made entrepreneurs. These make inspirational and motivational reading. The literature is catalystic for encouraging more of our younger Singaporeans to go entrepreneurial – opting for the beaten track rather than the well-trod and well-lit road - for discovering their passion and own niche area to exploit their maximum potential. In undertaking its educational role of publicising entrepreneurial success stories, the GRC Press Holdings has given a fillip to the local entrepreneurial movement. And facilitated Singapore over the years in becoming the easiest place in the world to do business. In the World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ 2010 Report, Singapore has retained this top spot for the fourth consecutive year. The Report produced by the World Bank and its private-sector financial development arm, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), ranks 181 economies for the seventh year on the overall ease of doing business in these countries. Despite legitimate fears last year when the Report was released over Singapore’s ability to sustain its position in the coming years, by following an adaptive regulatory policy, Singapore retained its leading position globally. In this way, it remained relevant and competitive in the face of stiff competition.

This adaptive approach enabled Singapore to score well in factors like infrastructure, workforce efficiency and geographic location. So while other economies revamped their regulatory framework to tide over the economic crisis, Singapore utilized IT to effectively implement its regulatory framework for minimizing obstacles to business set-up and development. Online services were also made available for managing almost everything virtually, from incorporation to closing down of business.

By highlighting the local entrepreneurial scenario through its write-ups and throwing up problems and needs, the Successful Entrepreneurial series has helped Singapore to review its entrepreneurial regulations for remaining pertinent to the evolving business environment. I have no doubt it will continue to help maintain Singapore as the first choice for company-setup. I commend GRC Press Holdings once again for its multi-faceted role in business and entrepreneurship.

John De Payva
President, National Trades Union Congress

Although private enterprise largely sustained our nation’s growth up to our independence in 1965, our entrepreneurial journey as a nation began only seven years ago, with the implementation of the Economic Review Committee’s recommendations for driving entrepreneurship development in Singapore. Accordingly, in 2003, the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) was inaugurated.

Key improvements in this active, public-private partnership to create a pro-enterprise environment led to the World Bank ranking us the easiest place to do business for the fourth consecutive year in 2009 - with almost 50,000 businesses formed in 2008, from below 36,000 in 2002. But having more entrepreneurs is not enough. We need to continue to innovate and build brands like what the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC ) has been doing all along, to enable its cooperatives like Income, Fairprice, Comfort and Denticare to distance themselves from their competitors. This helps Singapore to become a regional, and eventually a global hub, for future entrepreneurs.

For this we need good quality start-ups with a global vision and the wherewithal to compete in the knowledge economy. In this way, we can become a truly entrepreneurial nation, even a vibrant entrepreneurship hub, for attracting entrepreneurs world-wide to our shores. Our attention should, therefore, be focused on areas including entrepreneurship education, attracting and anchoring foreign entrepreneurs, and enterprise incubation. We need a future generation of innovative and entrepreneurial Singaporeans to build the next wave of Singapore-built global enterprises.

I congratulate the GRC Press Holdings for its educational role in promoting entrepreneurship in Singapore through its increasingly popular Successful Entrepreneur editions. I have no doubt that the new, local entrepreneurs featured in the 2011 edition will be as inspiring, if not more. They will be motivating one another, especially, the younger generation, towards facilitating their own and Singapore’s journey towards our economic goals for sustaining our prosperity.

H.E. Amira Arnon
Ambassador of Israel to Singapore

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate GRC Press Holdings on its ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ publication. Your mission to develop into a world-class media organization already bears fruits which is well manifested by the unique platform of SMEs and incentives you have offered the young and innovative generation of Singaporeans.

The lesson we draw from the Israeli experience proves that creativity and innovations are the result of education and an aspired networking of young people in a multi- colourful mosaic society. As in Singapore, so in Israel: both countries are blessed with a mixture of youngsters from different backgrounds, traditions and cultures who share a mutual goal - to create leading, professional entrepreneurs and a solid economy.

To enhance the above, we have to attract the young generation by offering opportunities, by building the right environment for business, as well as to open a window to the global markets. In this manner, I believe your success is already granted.

I wish you, the SMEs, the providers of ‘the platform for growth’ and the forthcoming new programmes great success and good luck.

H.E. Abdulaziz Aladwani
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of The Embassy of Kuwait to Singapore

It gives me great pleasure to welcome the publication of ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’, a publication which will definitely help talented young people to achieve their success, and contribute to the local economy through the creation of ideas in their spirit of youth.

Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurs (SMEs) are indeed the cornerstone of the moderate growth in the dynamic global economy, with a share of more than 95% of the companies, and generate a large share of new jobs between 60%-70%. Without a doubt, SMEs’ contribution to the local economies play an integral part in maintaining their growth rate in the emerging markets.

Governments can play a key role in supporting initiatives; and the State of Kuwait as one of the emerging economies in the region is no exception. We have taken major steps to support projects and new ideas, as well as reforming legislation and regulations to create an environment, not only for the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also for their growth.

Your publication will definitely incite more interest among existing SMEs, especially, in forming networking relationships and encourage the formation of more businesses.

I wish GRC Press Holdings great success in all its future endeavors and in achieving its goals.

H.E. Dr. Ferenc Somogyi
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Hungary to Singapore

I would like to extend my best wishes to GRC Press Holdings on the publication of the 2011 edition of Successful Entrepreneur. It also gives me great honour to congratulate the recipients of ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ award.

Thanks to their creativity and resilience, Singaporean entrepreneurs have contributed significantly to the remarkable recovery of the city-state’s economy.

I sincerely hope that Singaporeans will venture beyond the limits of their natural comfort zones and seek to discover new business opportunities in Europe as well.

I believe that the existing, mutually beneficial co-operation between Hungary and Singapore provides a promising basis for enhanced and deepened economic ties in the years to come. In this spirit I encourage Singaporean enterprises to consider Hungary as a potential market for the expansion of their operations.

Bridget Tan
President, Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics

I wish to extend my warm congratulations to Mr Ken Pan and GRC Press Holdings on publishing ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship in Singapore.

I am in solidarity with entrepreneurs in private and public sectors of society in their agonies and their ecstasies along the road less travelled. Short of a miracle, I founded the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics or HOME in 2004 with a passion and conviction that the world is one under the heavens. There are some 900,000 migrant workers in Singapore and from their cries for assistance, there prevails in our time and space, crimes against our humanity.

Hence, HOME a non-governmental organization pioneered a movement to protect vulnerable migrant men and women workers from discrimination, exploitation, abuse and trafficking. We join forces with the State enforcement agencies and social partners here and overseas to build ajust and equal society for this generation and the generations to come.. Our work is not for the faint hearted and our team comprises men and women who share my passion to do better at being human. Not easy but we have proven that there is not an impossibility for as long as we live and believe.

Gerhard Meschke
Commercial Counsellor and Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the Austrian Embassy to Singapore

Congratulations to GRC Press Holdings for promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship in Singapore by publishing this new edition of Successful Entrepreneur.

The new volume presents another most inspiring and significant compilation of Singaporean success stories. Although rarely on the front pages of business magazines, the relevance of young entrepreneurs should not be underestimated. This can be clearly demonstrated when looking at the role young entrepreneurs play in SMEs in Europe. A staggering 99% of all European enterprises are considered SMEs with the vast majority employing less than 10 employees. Despite their limited size, many of these companies are the driving force for innovations and technical solutions. Some of them are recognized as world market leaders in their respective areas due to the high level of expertise and concentration of brain power prevalent.

Research in the background of successful entrepreneurs in Europe demonstrated clearly that startups by young entrepreneurs with a solid vocational training background have a higher survival rate than their equivalents with only academic background.But regardless of the background or the area of activity, the road to success is paved with many years of hard and dedicated work and the unbending will to climb to the top. All that is made easier by the passion and love for one’s work.

There is no reason why young Singaporean entrepreneurs shouldn’t be able to replicate the European model and become world leaders. Young Singaporeans have all the necessary tools like excellent educational background, a global vision and living in an international environment. On top of that, they have the same amount of survival and entrepreneurial spirit as their European counterparts!

I consider the new edition of ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ a most valuable tool to encourage even more young Singaporeans to step on the tough but rewarding path of contributing to society as a successful new entrepreneur.

H. E. Mohamed Al Qubaisi
Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

On behalf of myself and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Singapore, I extend our congratulations to GRC Press Holdings on the publication of the 2011 edition of Successful Entrepreneur.

I salute the significant contribution of Singapore’s entrepreneurs to the remarkable recovery of Singapore’s economy.

The United Arab Emirates has always considered Singapore as its gate to region and its doors are always opened for Singapore entrepreneurs to venture in the Middle East. I wish to congratulate GRC on 2011 edition of SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates wishes them continued success in the years to come.

H.E. Jayathri Samarakone
High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to Singapore

I congratulate GRC Press Holdings on their achievement in fostering growth and development of entrepreneurship through ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ publication.

Entrepreneurship is about following a dream, pursuing an opportunity, taking charge of destiny, bringing something of value to society, creating benefits for community, country and the world at large. GRC Press Holdings mentors a journey, which is one of a movement of millions, that gives aspiration to the voice that empowers those to build a stronger Singapore.

It is imperative to realize the powerful economic impact of entrepreneurship, which has led to the creation of Multinationals we see today. The fruits of creation will grow into an empire or an SME along the way fueling both the larger economic sphere and societal aspects in the creation of employment. Technology plays a key role in entrepreneurship where scientific discovery is translated into economically viable ventures.

SMEs play an important role in fostering income stability, growth, employment, and, their competitiveness affects the competitive position of the economy as a whole. In addition, they improve the efficiency of domestic markets and make use of scarce resources, facilitating long-term economic growth.

The dawn of Peace and economic stability in Sri Lanka represents a vast and untapped market with many niche areas to be explored. Singaporean entrepreneurs can use the tested, efficient and dynamic skills used in building this great Singapore to venture into the opportunities available from transportation, tourism, shipping, logistics and to be stakeholders of a rapidly growing nation.

I wish GRC Press Holdings and ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ a bright and prosperous future.

H.E. YBhg. Dato’ Md. Hussin Nayan
High Commissioner of Malaysia to Singapore

I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude to the Editorial Board of ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ publication for inviting me to address this publication. I also would like to congratulate the publication for its effort in promoting local trade and entrepreneurship as well as for recognising SME organisations and individuals who have demonstrated outstanding performance in their respective fields.

One of my important duties as the High Commissioner of Malaysia in Singapore is to promote trade and investments between Malaysia and Singapore. In carrying out this responsibility I have realised that entrepreneurs, either individually or collectively, become the enablers that keeps the economy vibrant and robust. Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to applaud this admirable group of resilient, creative and hard-working entrepreneurs and congratulate them all, especially those who are being highlighted in this publication for their contributions and outstanding performances.

I would also like to urge Singapore entrepreneurs and SMEs to explore the many opportunities and potential that await them across the causeway. Malaysia and Singapore have always enjoyed very close economic linkages and the peoples of the two countries are intertwined in family and cultural ties. The already strong bond that we share should be further enhanced to take advantage of the many new opportunities that have opened up in recent years. Malaysia’s new economic corridors, especially Iskandar Development region in neigbouring Johor, offer attractive and competitive packages to Singapore’s businesses and SMEs looking for expansion. Greater partnership between entrepreneurs from both countries in seizing available opportunities would contribute towards enhancing the competitiveness of our two countries as a whole.

I am optimistic that Malaysian and Singaporean bilateral relations will continue to strengthen in the future, given the potential for partnership and if entrepreneurs are quick to recognise and seize the many existing opportunities.

H.E. Purevjav Gansukh
Ambassador of Mongolia to Singapore

It gives me great pleasure to extend on behalf of the Embassy of Mongolia in the Republic of Singapore our warmest congratulations to GRC Press Holdings on its ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ publication.

This year we are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Singapore. Our relations and cooperation have been developing extensively over the past years. Trade and investment have expanded greatly in recent years. We have seen important developments in our cooperation in the fields of education and health care.

As Mongolia’s economy develops and diversifies, I am quite sure that it will open up more opportunities for further expansion of economic and business links between Mongolia and Singapore. Many small and medium-sized enterprises have emerged in Mongolia during its transition from a centrally planned economy to a market one, and they are playing an important role in the country’s economic development. But they need more experiences. Therefore, Mongolia would be very much interested to learn from the rich experiences of Singapore’s SMEs’ entrepreneurship development.

Mongolia is a landlocked country located in the heart of Asia. It has over 8,000 deposits of 440 different minerals such as copper, molybdenum, gold, uranium, coal and others. Besides its abundant natural resources, the country has a unique nature and cultural heritage, rich history of the times of Chinggis Khan. Therefore, we do hope that the country will attract the attention and interest of Singaporean companies to establish ties and cooperate with their Mongolian counterparts in various fields.

Taking this opportunity, I wish you all every success in your future entrepreneurship activities.

Jose A. Ruiz
Ambassador of Panama to Singapore

It is my honor to extend my congratulations to SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENUER on their 2011 publication. My best wishes go out to the management and staff of GRC Press Holdings as well for what is sure to be another great publication in an already distinguished portfolio.

As the world continues to ‘flatten’, due to globalization and advances in technology, gaps are created which need to be addressed. This publication is a tool that helps build bridges between these gaps by exposing us all to the innovative individuals who are making a difference in this world right here in Singapore.

This publication is also a great resource for my country of Panama as we are rapidly developing through a combination of internal growth and external interest. The advanced progression of my country has created certain needs that can potentially be filled because SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENUER has created a level of awareness of all the great things people are achieving here. This may be the catalyst needed to link Singapore and Panama together on various platforms and on all levels.

It is my honor and privilege to be able to congratulate all those featured in this edition on their achievements and accomplishments. We will all be keeping a close eye on you with excitement because you have already showed us what you can do and we are anxious to see what you will do next.

H. E. Dr. Waldemar Dubaniowski
Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Singapore

It is my pleasure to congratulate GRC Press Holdings for the idea and consequence in promoting entrepreneurship. It is always worth stressing, that at the base of each successful economy there is creativity, enthusiasm and persistence of its entrepreneurs.

Poland managed to weather the recent crisis surprisingly well, being the only country with positive growth in the European Union throughout the whole downturn. And although there are many factors that contributed to our good result, I personally believe that it was due to our Polish entrepreneurs – hard-working, flexible and resilient businessmen (and businesswomen), who believed that even a downturn can be perceived as an opportunity.

The globalization created a growing space for dialogue and economic cooperation between Central Europe and South-East Asia. The growing value of Polish exports to Singapore suggests that Poles have already discovered the significance of its market potential. Looking at this from a different perspective, Singapore entrepreneurs should be interested in taking a closer look at the exceptionally strong Polish economy. The currently negotiated Free Trade Agreement between Singapore and European Union will certainly create new business opportunities for entrepreneurs from both countries.

Last, but not least – almost every big and successful company started as a small enterprise, which fueled by passion and hard work of its entrepreneurs was able to evolve. I wish GRC Press Holdings and all the distinguished entrepreneurs good luck and further successes in future endeavours.

H.E. Rashid Ali Al-Khater
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of Qatar to Singapore

On behalf of the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Singapore, it is my greatest pleasure to congratulate the GRC Press Holdings on the compilation of ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’.

The State of Qatar, a fast-emerging growing country in the Middle East, welcomes Singapore entrepreneurs to venture into our country as both countries share similarities in being dynamic, passionate, creative and able to excel with each other’s support and be a role model for all aspiring entrepreneurs in our countries’ future generation.

I wish GRC Press holdings in the publication of ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ all the very best in your future endeavours.

H.E. Jeanine Kambanda
High Comissioner of the Republic of Rwanda to Singapore

I am honored to give a brief message for the ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ publication. Congratulations to the recipients of the ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ award for your emergence from the various global crises that hit the world recently. The Republic of Rwanda is committed to promoting entrepreneurship as the engine for economic growth, wealth creation and poverty reduction, which will ultimately lead to the improvement in the welfare of Rwandans in general.

“We live in a global village. Our lives and economic futures are intricately linked to those beyond our borders. As a matter of conscious policy choice, Rwanda has adopted the principle of a free market economy and values the role of the private sector both domestic and foreign, in its development” -Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda.

The Rwandan government has ensured that Rwanda is equipped with the needed infrastructure and polices to ensure a seamless flow of trade and investments in the East African region and beyond. These efforts have been recognized by among, others the World Bank, which named Rwanda as ‘Top doing Business Reformer’ in the year 2009 as the country improved by a record 67 places.

With socio-political stability, almost zero corruption, all-round good climate, irresistible beauty and a lovely population, Rwanda is a top place for business in Africa. Located in the ‘Heart of Africa’ and part of the EAC common market of 125 million people, Rwanda is ideal for Trade and Investment. The free trade and Export processing zones of Rwanda were tailor-made to facilitate traders and investors to do business in the East African region.

Once again, I congratulate all recipients of the ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ award and wish all entrepreneurs in Singapore all the best in the times ahead. Thank you!

R Narayanamohan
Chairman of Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

I am pleased to offer my message on successful entrepreneurship. By any account or measure, entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of any economy. The very nature of this activity and enterprise injects a certain dynamism, cutting edge and derring-do into our economy. Their risk-taking ability and commercial judgement ensure that we are able to overcome challenges and seize new opportunities. In my view, there is no better time than the present to be an entrepreneur in Singapore and there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, our city state is favoured by geography. We are witnessing in Asia today unprecedented growth, particularly in the major economies of China and India. The economic rise of China and India has been accompanied by a commensurate growth in the middle class of both countries, particularly in the urban centres. The higher and rising disposable income of this population segment has fuelled an increasing demand for financial and telecommunications services, healthcare, education, electronic products and so on. These offer significant opportunities for the entrepreneurs in Singapore. Secondly, Singapore serves as an important gateway to all of Asia rather than just specific markets. An entrepreneur in Singapore, for example, can access the Chinese and Indian markets equally because of our close and special relations, cultural affinity and business linkages. Our trade and investment statistics will attest to this fact.

Thirdly, Singapore provides a conducive environment for entrepreneurs and businesses to grow and succeed. Each year, the World Bank publishes its report on “Doing Business” which focuses on regulations that enhance and constrain business activity. In last year’s “Doing Business” report, Singapore topped the list for ease of doing business for the fourth year running. The outlook is certainly bright for entrepreneurship and enterprise creation in Singapore. The government is committed to maintaining and enhancing the business environment, which makes it ideal for anyone venturing into the realm of entrepreneurship. At the same time, Singapore is well positioned and connected to serve as a springboard to the markets in the region and beyond.

Gulab Bhojraj
President of Singapore Sindhi Association

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

An entrepreneur is an individual who creates changes in our society. He is an innovator, who introduces new technologies into the workplace or market, increasing efficiency, productivity and generating new products or services.

On behalf of the Singapore Sindhi Association, I am pleased to convey my greetings and congratulations to the committee members and the staff of GRC Press Holdings on the occasion of their new edition of SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR.

Singapore is recognized world-wide as a global business city. Singapore is also a base for foreign businesses. Singapore’s unique advantages of strategic location, stable government, competitive workforce, and pro-business environment make it an ideal launch pad for globalisation.

Entrepreneurs are dedicated to the growth of Singapore’s economy and strive to make a more positive impact. This creates a meaningful difference to our community’s and the society’s well-being.

On this note, I am convinced that every entrepreneur will stay relevant to the changing needs and expectations of our country which will continue to grow in the years to come. I wish all the entrepreneurs many successful years ahead.

H.E. Nopadol Gunavibool
Ambassador of Thailand to Singapore

On the auspicious occasion of ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ publication, I would like to extend congratulations to the management and staff of GRC Press Holdings.

Globally, from economic downturn and restart of the recovery, this publication will help readers learn from the best entrepreneurs through their stories.  

The Royal Thai Embassy has supported outreach efforts to Thai entrepreneurs at various networking events.  The Embassy looks forward to introducing more Thai business, and matching partners whenever new business opportunities arise either here in Singapore or in Thailand to realize the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015. 

I wish GRC Press Holdings success for years to come. Lastly, congratulations also to the recipients of ‘2011 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR’ award.